Three Drawing Lesson Membership

Is your child ready to improve their drawing skills?

Then this bundle of THREE video art lessons will ignite your child’s artistic spark!

Whether your child is 6 or 13 (or somewhere in between!), these lessons are perfect for the whole family (even Mum and Dad) to explore together.

Inside this bundle, you’ll unravel the secrets of shapes, shading, and patterns, learning how they intertwine to create these creative artworks.

Each lesson builds upon the last, allowing your child to progressively enhance their skills.

🐶 Friendly Dog: Learn the fundamentals of shape and proportion while sketching your furry friend from scratch.

🐦 Cute Bird: Delve into pattern and color, taking your skills to the next level with this adorable drawing.

🐘 Elegant Elephant: Elevate your artistry as you discover the magic of penwork and shading, breathing life into this majestic elephant.

Please Note: These lessons are delivered as a group.

Once you make your purchase, an email with login instructions and access to these fun art lesson videos, will land in your inbox, ready for your child to kickstart their creative journey!

Please remember that these lessons are intended for personal use only within the one household. Please do not share or duplicate this exclusive content.

I am looking forward to your family joining me on this artistic adventure today! 🎨✨

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