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effective and engaging
online art membership
for children…

Authentic video art lessons that will nurture your child’s confidence and creativity

So easy to navigate even without your help

PLUS you will be notified once your child completes a lesson, so you can keep track of their work.

Build their confidence & art skills

My lessons are usually recorded in one take (which is difficult), I do not edit out mistakes and I do not speed up my videos. I believe it is important for the children to see the entire unedited lesson so they can understand the full process of creation.

Convenient & affordable

Lessons can be done anywhere and at anytime, plus you only pay the one membership price per household making it extremely cost effective.

Risk Free – Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the membership you can simply email me to cancel within 48hrs of ordering for a FULL refund.

But how do I know if my child/children will really use this resource?

Is your child always drawing or watching YOUTUBE videos about art?
Does your child continually ask you to buy art materials?
Is your child asking you to help them with their art or give them ideas what to draw?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions then it is time to offer them this wonderful opportunity for learning and improving their art…

And my lessons are divided my medium and by experience level and there are also ‘technique’ and ‘foundation’ and ’10 minute lesson’ videos to really enhance their experience, plus much more…

Does this sound like a GREAT fit for your family?

(REMEMBER it’s just one price per family)


Do I need to buy a lot of materials?

No, I do have a list of recommended materials needed for each lesson but most lessons only need very basic materials that are cheap and readily available, as your child progresses you may wish to invest in better materials but it is not necessary.

How is this better than You Tube?

You Tube is a tool for marketing, the main objective is to get subscribers and customers. You Tube tutorials will never offer the full learning experience that a membership like mine will, videos are highly edited, often setting unrealistic standards and children can often get distracted and side tracked. Plus there is no opportunity for them to fully delve into the creative learning experience like they can with my membership which is designed as a complete ‘step by step’ journey, through lots of different subjects and mediums, all in my teaching style.

My child is only 4yrs old, is this too young?

No, however they may need to do more practice and watch my video’s more than once, but every child is different and this is a great age to start them on this journey as they will have the opportunity to start drawing and painting with the right foundations.

My child is 12yrs old, is this too old?

No, again every child is different but there are plenty of opportunities for older children to really hone their skills across lots of different mediums and subjects and also expand on my lessons, further improving their abilities.

Can I join in if I want to?

Yes of course, anyone in your household can do my lessons when you join, this membership is perfect for families.

I hate mess, are your lessons messy?

No, some art is more messy, but I am a Mum too so I totally understand this concern. My lessons are not craft based, so not much in the way of cutting out, plus as there are lots of different mediums on offer, you can direct your child as to what you would like them to do based on how much ‘mess’ you want to deal with…

My child loves art but is very self critical, will these lessons help?

Absolutely, after a lot of research I believe that by allowing your children to see the full process of creating each artwork will show them that mistakes happen, that we can either fix or work with mistakes, that replication is not the goal and does not mean your artwork isn’t good. My unedited ‘one take’ lessons are harder to create but so worthwhile in showing the children that creating art is not about being perfect, I really believe this unique approach is invaluable in helping to build a child’s belief in their ability and their willingness to try new things.

Membership Pricing

What are the benefits of including ART in my child’s life and what
type of ART will my child create in ‘The Arty Kids Academy’?

There are SO many benefits that come from including ART regularly in your child’s life…

When your child includes art regularly in their life they will start to see colours differently and all the textures and tones that make up our world, it will increase their perception so they will start to notice things more intently and they will understand more fully the process of creation. Patience will be improved, as will fine motor skills and problem solving abilities.

Your child will understand that the best results come with spending time and focus will be improved as will their confidence. Including art in their lives will have positive life long effects. A life lived creatively has so many benefits, it is a great way to settle a busy mind, it is a wonderful form of expression, it builds courage to try new things, it creates happiness and peace.

Your child will create so many different types of ART in ‘The Arty Kids Academy’…

My lessons cover a range of different subjects from people to animals and from landscapes to cupcakes and everything in between. I want to open your child’s eyes to all the art they can create. I teach many children in person every single week so I know what children like to draw and paint. I also cover lots of different mediums from pencil, watercolours, pastels, colour pencils, watercolour pencils, acrylic paint, pens and more.

There are so many different ways to create art and I want your child to have fun and see what they can achieve with practice. My lessons are not craft based as this membership is all about learning how to create art from scratch. There are no templates included however I have foundation and technique videos to help your children understand ‘how’ to use their materials and set up their drawing.

Their are ‘three’ different experience levels as well as my ‘10 Minute Art’ lessons to ensure your child can create art no matter how much time or how experienced they are. I created this to be the resource I would have loved to have had access to as an ‘arty’ child and I hope your child will love it to!

I was once just like your child, always finding ways to create, I spent hours drawing and I just loved being able to create a world on paper that lived inside my head.
I truly believe in the life long benefits that art can have on young minds…

That is what art is, it is ok not to ‘fit’ a mould, ok not to have to conform to be accepted, where uniqueness and
individuality are not only accepted, they are encouraged!

I am SO passionate about encouraging your children not to get caught up on the small things, to keep moving forward and to enjoy the journey, there are so many lessons for them to explore and so many other benefits to my membership. This is such a wonderful opportunity to be able to share with your children, just imagine being able to give them a learning experience like this, that they can enjoy anywhere, whenever they want to, again and again…

What’s included in ‘The Arty Kids Academy’

Step – by – Step Library of Video lessons which are being added to regularly, divided into three experience levels covering different mediums and subjects

{PLUS: Videos are not sped up and they are mostly done in ‘One Take’ to show your children that art is a process and mistakes are normal}

Foundation & Technique Videos

{To ensure your children understand the ‘How’ for different mediums and subjects}

PLUS: 10 Min Art

{Quick lessons to ensure your child can practice anytime}

Feedback, Challenges & Competitions

{To keep your children engaged and moving forward}

Your child can jump in and explore the levels to find the right fit for them…

New to art your child has shown an interest in being more creative and seems happiest when they are creating or drawing. Parents are looking for more direction to help their child improve their skills.

Your child is becoming more excited by art and parents are looking for more direction and structure to help their child expand their skills and understanding of different subjects and mediums.

Your child is developing their skills and is looking for more challenges and more involved techniques to take their art to the next level. They are now even more confident in their ability.

Hi, I’m Cinde

Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

I’ve always been drawn to it, ever since I was a young child —constantly sketching, carrying around a little book with me everywhere, where my imagination could run wild, bringing my characters to life in vibrant creative worlds.

Back then, formal art classes were rare, so my parents, seeing my passion for art, arranged for an art tutor. I’d paint on canvases my dad crafted, stretching calico over the frames and priming them in plain white house paint so they were ready to paint on. It wasn’t easy, but my passion for art made it worthwhile.

Throughout my life, art has been my sanctuary, my joy, my confidence booster. It was my personal haven in a world where pursuing art as a career seemed impractical. But creating has always brought me joy—it was my refuge after a tough day and I’ve spent countless hours and years honing my skills across various subjects and mediums, simply because creating has been, and always will be, a true source of happiness for me.

Despite venturing into more “practical” creative fields, my mum, as mums often do, nudged me to do more with my art. Following her advice, I have now been teaching art to my many wonderful students on the Sunshine Coast every week now for several years.

Expanding my art teaching online to inspire and encourage your children is more than a career—it’s my life’s calling, so I’m thrilled to be on this journey with your family, nurturing your children’s creativity and sharing the joy of art together.

Knowing the best art supplies to buy for children is a tricky thing

Especially when you aren’t ‘Arty’

It is so easy to go down the ‘Art supplies rabbit hole’ and let’s face it, art supplies can be EXPENSIVE especially if you don’t know what you are doing…

So I have put together a list for you…

My list will be based on my experience as an Art teacher and my many years as an Artist.

This does not mean there aren’t other art materials out there that are fantastic too, I just may not have had experience with them, so I am only listing the things I have used and this list is from my personal experience.

PLUS I will outline when cheaper is fine and when it isn’t…

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Still not sure about my Membership, then why not try these ‘Three Lessons’ for just $14.95…

I believe in my Membership and how it will help your arty child to expand and hone their skills, but if you are still unsure why not try THREE of my DRAWING lessons FIRST for just $14.95?

My Funny Dog – Perfect for young BEGINNER artists to learn about shape and patterns and how to set up their drawing. Just a 2B pencil, sharpie and drawing paper is all that is required for this lesson.

My Cute Bird – This lesson is aimed at the PROGRESSING young artist and it teaches them about shape, proportion, colour and pattern. Just a 2B pencil, sharpie, colour pencils and drawing paper are all that is needed for this lesson.

My Elegant Elephant – I will teach your child how to draw this Elephant from scratch, teaching them about line and shape as well as proportion, texture and depth through shading and linework. Aimed at an ADVANCING young artist all that is required for this lesson is a 2B pencil, sharpie and drawing paper.

Instant access to a library of nearly *FIFTY* ‘ART and Foundation Lessons’ spread across different levels, subjects and mediums *PLUS* new lessons added regularly

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